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One Island, One Week = Not Enough Time to Eat it All!

TUNA POKE TACOS: raw ahi, ginger, shoyu, cabbage, avocado cream sauce, crisp wonton shells and French fries from Monkeypod Kitchen, Maui. They have a great happy hour!

Food tripping through Hawaii is a delicious blend of cultures. Hawaii has a fabulous melting pot of culture, with Polynesian, Japanese, Portuguese, Filipino and Korean influences. There is a great section in Sheldon Simeon's cook book about the history of Hawaii and food. When planning for our Maui trip, this cook book was very helpful and got me super excited about all of the different tastes to come (plus, of course, we had to make time to hit Tin Roof, Simeon's take-out restaurant).

“Broke Da Mouth” —Hawaiian for unbelievably delicious

From our super high-end meal at Mama's Fish House to paying a quarter for a passionfruit at an honor system pay fruit stand, we could not get enough Hawaii into our mouths.

Our Top Maui Meals:

Make sure you get the cookbook before your trip...and enjoy Sheldon Simeon's Maui Guide in Bon Appetit.

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